How to wake up early in the morning without an alarm

How to wake up early in the morning without an alarm

How to wake up eary in the morning without an alarm 

Sometimes a new job, a changed school schedule, and other reasons force a person to get up early and be active in the morning. To make it easier to rebuild, doctors have developed a whole list of recommendations on how to "owl" become a "lark".

Change the time to fall asleep :

How to stop being an "owl"? The first step is to change the time you fall asleep. 

A good 7-8 hour sleep is extremely important for every adult. It affects health and is the key to a feeling of vitality throughout the day. Therefore, remember that even if you are going to change the time of going to bed and getting up, the night's rest should be at least 7-8 hours. 

Medical experts advise you to start by going to bed 20 minutes earlier than usual each day. For example, a person "owl" goes to bed at 01:00, and if you follow this recommendation, he needs to go to bed at 00:40 and move his schedule by 20 minutes every day. In this case, the alarm clock will also need to be set every day at an earlier time. For example, he usually calls at 08:00, and if you transfer it to 20 minutes, it will work at 7:40. 

Over the course of several weeks, you should gradually move to night rest until the habit is developed and the person can easily get up early. Of course, you can shift the bedtime by 20 minutes not every day, but do it after a few days. This will make it much easier to get used to the new routine. 

Proper lighting helps you fall asleep

Each person has his own "internal clock", which changes under the influence of circadian rhythms (cyclical changes in the intensity of biological processes). This watch is highly sensitive to light. Blue is a wake-up call, and the calm tones of the sunset make you fall asleep quickly. 

A special sleep hormone (melatonin) is released in the human body in response to the colors of the sunset. Therefore, if you refuse to use your phone, tablet and other gadgets that emit blue color before going to bed, and turn on the night light with an amber or red lamp, you can fall asleep faster. And the sooner a person goes to sleep, the easier it will be for him to wake up early. 

Exercise at the right time

Relaxing exercises before bed can help you calm down and fall asleep faster. These include:

  • yoga;
  • meditation;
  • easy stretching;
  • breathing exercises.

These exercises need to be done for a short time and not overdo it - only then will they contribute to an earlier onset of the first phase of sleep.

A recent study found that exercise can affect bedtime and feelings of alertness. "Owls" can shift the beginning of the sleep cycle to an earlier time of falling asleep and waking up by doing exercises in the morning or afternoon, and resting and meditating in the evening. 

On the other hand, evening workouts promote activity and delay the desire to sleep. In addition, morning exercises help to cheer up and fill with energy, and also removes drowsiness and lethargy. Here's how an owl can become a morning person.

What eating habits should be abandoned to get up early 

A study on the relationship between dietary patterns and human chronotype, conducted in 2020, showed that “owl” people eat very late dinner, can skip breakfast, eat fewer vegetables, and drink more caffeine and alcohol than “larks”.

If the "owl" person wants to start falling asleep and waking up earlier, then he should reconsider his diet and meal time. It is best not to drink caffeine and alcohol in the evening and not to eat late. 

Trick of Motivation and Rewards

Of course, you won't be able to become a morning person overnight - it takes time. Therefore, you can motivate yourself with rewards for achieving small goals. For example, you began to fall asleep and wake up 20 minutes earlier, reward yourself for this with a cup of warm cocoa with marshmallows or another pleasant thing that makes you happy.

How to get up early? You can just promise yourself that if you start falling asleep 40 minutes earlier, you will indulge yourself with something more significant.